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Christopher Kollars

I pledge to the next 60 days

This is just a portion of a larger list where I feel I can really achieve setting into place over the next 60 days.

Github #

I've been using git little over 8 months but I feel I don't use it to its full advantage. I want to start incorporating Github into my workflow so I can always have backups and versioning online.

Sass/Less #

I feel using either one would be a great advantage but I need to choose one and start using.

CSS3 #

I've been using CSS3 techniques for a while but I feel I need to expand upon my use case and make sure I look at CSS3 first before I start slicing and dicing.

Notebooks #

I've started carrying around 3.5"x5" Moleskin notebook, thanks to Cody, which has helped out tremendously in remembering ideas, thoughts and to-dos. I need to continue with this.

File & Code organization #

I want to start storing libraries and snippets of code that I can reference quickly and efficiently. Currently I just open up old site files and copy paste which isn't the best.

Coda 2 #

I currently use Coda 2 as my current editor for wrangling code but I feel I don't use it to its full potential. I want to explore my options I have Coda vs other editors. Plus I need to incoporate Coda clips.