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Christopher Kollars

And here we go

Over my career in the web arena I really never had a solid website I could call home. For some reason I just never focused on my web presence but over the last few months I've been wanting to do so.

I've finally decided to just start a blog. A place to write my thoughts, show some code examples and to speak my mind. Basically learn to write and do it well.

So a few weeks ago it came up in discussion with Cody Peterson of Secret Penguin that I've been wanting to just start a site, a blog, where I could have place to do all of this. He was actually wanting to do the same and had been writing down his ideas for awhile but never had time come up with a site for himself.

Last week Cody said he has a site built. I couldn't believe it. How does this guy have the time with his busy schedule but then he showed me a simple solution. It's called A simple platform that uses Markdown and Dropbox. Well of course this got me interested so I signed up and spent few hours playing around with the CMS and settled on what you are seeing now. It's not even close to being finished but I felt it's a good start. It's simple and focused on the writing, which is what I wanted.

Going forward I hope to be sharing more, at least once a week, so if you'd like, which I hope you do, come back and ready my fumblings as I explore my writing ability and code antics.