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Christopher Kollars

A Follow-up to My Pledge


I continue to use this but even more with a few projects just in the past few weeks. Can't say how much I love this product. It has so much to offer. Colaboration, project management, to-dos and of course git versioning.

###Sublime Text 2

I enjoy this editor greatly. It's the simple but I still am learning to get more use out of it's features. My next move is to start making code snippets as well as a good boilplate/framework. I'd hate to call it that but basically I want a standardize my developing techniques.


I can't go forward on any project without implementing this. Such a better way of writting CSS. I did use SCSS for about 6 months with Compass. It was a nice addition but I don't think it's for me. Cody has turned me onto Bourbon. It's a great mixin library with less overhead then Compass.

New to the list is a few other techniques. Grunt, ruby and node.js. I'm really new with these, 4 weeks new, but from my short use I see huge benefits with them.