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Christopher Kollars v2.0 I guess?

Well I started this blog to learn to communicate and write my thoughts better. It was almost a year ago and I only submitted 3 posts. Even though I failed first time around I'm getting back on the horse.

I hope to write once a week. In fact I'm going to put it as a daily todo until it's finished for that week. To celebrate this new pledge to my writing I decided to give my site design a refresh. I am happier with this layout then the previous but as always I hope to tweak and add a few features I didn't get completed.

You can see that I put all of the source code on GitHub. Now it's a bit messy with some bad practice that might make you (Hell, even me) cringe but I'll be cleaning this up over the next 30 days. In fact, down the road, I might even look at moving away from Scriptogram and try out other static site generators, such as Jekyll.

If you stumble across any issues please submit an issue through GitHub. Stay tuned as I have more to write.